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Newspaper Article 1875 Racial Attitudes Of Times

Dee Sardach posted the following on NorCal, a California Rootsweb list this morning. Note the last line referring top employment of “white” laborers. Just thought I would post it because it addresses prevailing racial attitudes in El Dorado County at the time. There will be more on this as we goo along.

The Contra Costa Gazette
Martinez, Contra Costa County, California
Saturday,  13 February 1875
From the Placerville ‘Republican’ –
Another new industry and mine of wealth has been developed in El Dorado county. It has long been known that we possess one of the best marble quarries in the United States, and that at no distant day it will prove a real “bonanza” to its owners, and add greatly to the wealth of the county. But it has not been known until the past few weeks that we could produce roofing slate equal to the best productions of other countries. This is now an established fact, having been practically demonstrated. W.O. THOMAS, late of Nashville, Tennessee, a practical worker in slate, has located 2 ledges, in company with gentlemen of capital, which promise rich rewards. One of these ledges is situated at the south end of Chile Bar bridge, about 2 ½ miles north from this city [Placerville], and have fairly opened and tested and proves to be 1st class. Some 8 or 10 men have been employed upon it for some time. We were shown samples of it on Tuesday that were very fine. Mr. THOMAS is sanguine that these quarries will give employment to 100 or more white laborers in a short time.

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