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Sacramentop Old City Cemetery African American Tour


Old City Cemetery Black History Tour February 23, 2013
Check out the Modern Day Buffalo Soldiers

On Saturday, February 23, 2013, the Sacramento Old City Cemetery Committee, in conjunction with reenactors from the Sojourner Truth Museum, Sacramento, escorted a large audience on a Living History Tour of burial spots belonging to a  number of Sacramento’s early Black Pioneers. In a manner of speaking they brought the personages of Edwin Crocker, Attorney, Archy Lee,  Jesse Slaughter [Sr. & Jr.], Vaardman Bullard, Robert Small, William Guinn, Ernest Huston Johnson, Col. Cornelius Peck and Nelson, Lucinda  and Francis Marion Ray back to life.

The modern day Buffalo Soldiers road up from the East Bay to pay Homage’ to original Buffalo Soldiers who made Sacramento their home after the Civil War one of whom is William Guinn. Francis Marion Ray is said to have been in the military but still has to be ascertained if he had been in the Buffalo Soldiers. I will have more on all of these people as we go along.

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